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Natural Studies Club Update

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Oct. 9th, 2004 | 08:25 pm
posted by: hibiscuscraze in thecompostpile

From the last two sessions, I have decided that I like what I'm seeing...so, I'm going to go ask Mr. Chin if community service hours can be given to Natural Studies members. However, this does mean you will have to come regularly; keep your part of the deal, and I'll keep mine.

Oh yes, a few reminders. I spent time thinking up the questions at the end of each experiment. Please don't skip them...ASK them. While I know this isn't easy, try--make a small discussion and involve all of the little twerps, perhaps.
The packets I have given you can be ADDED TO. Please, if you see any material or experiment that pertains to your packet, please add it in and teach it! Since I had to prepare about 80% of the packets myself, it would be impossible to make all of them equally long or exhaustive. Two thumbs up for Frank, who added in a microscope diagram, a terms list, and the viewing of epithelial cells in his microscopy group.

If you need materials, ask around. If your materials cost you money, please obtain a receipt to give to Frank, our treasurer, who will reimburse you. We have around 1600 NT in our treasury, so start thinking up fundraising activities. If you need bottle or containers, ask me...my sister is president of HOPE.

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