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List of Students+ First Week Students

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Sep. 28th, 2004 | 02:40 pm
posted by: hibiscuscraze in thecompostpile

Sean Liu, Dawn Chen, Kimberly Hsieh, Calvin Chen

Matthew Lee, Kevin Lin, Edward Liao, Diane Lee, Sandra Tsai, Doris Lin, Anthony Deng, Angela Chou

Emma Meng, Andrew Sheu, Ivy Chung, Angela Li, Joyce Chen

Rosa Kim, Shawanne Wang, Fiona Liao


Plant Walk (Teacher=Brian)
1. Emma Meng
2. Andrew Sheu
3.Ivy Chung
4. Angela Li
5. Joyce Chen

Introduction to Biomes (Teachers= KL+ Shiehan)
1. Sean Liu
2. Dawn Chen
3. Kimberly Hsieh
4. Rosa Kim
5. Shawanne Wang

Introduction to Microscopy (Teachers= Frank+ Aravind)
1. Calvin Chen
2. Fiona Liao
3. Matthew Lee
4. Angela Chou
5. Doris Lin

Stimuli (Teachers= Denise+ Carrie)
1.Anthony Deng
2. Sandra Tsai
3. Diane Lee
4. Edward Liao
5. Kevin Lin

PS: These students will switch to another group (e.g. from Stimuli to Microscopy) every month. Teachers do not switch groups.

PPS: Have a happy Moon Festival.

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